The Use in Usefulness


The Use in Usefulness


Winner of the 2013 Okanagan College 3 Hour Short Story Contest

$10 | Published May 2014.

4.75" x 6.125", 16pp. ISBN: 978-0-9867655-5-1.

In The Use in Usefulness, winner of Okanagan College’s fourth annual Three-Hour Short Story Contest, Mary Bevan offers a vivid portrayal of a young farm girl who runs away from home after her father decides that he has to kill their family’s sick livestock. Bevan skilfully captures the girl’s sense of horror and confusion as she contemplates the fate of her animal friends and questions her role on the farm.


Type set in Monotype Cloister Old Style and printed on Crane Lettra papers, then sewn and bound into a wrapper of Fabriano Tiziano.


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The production team from ENGL205 included: Daymian Allin, Kira Carson, Cady Corman, Paige Derby, Marina Fehr, Jessica Hamilton, Angela Heidt, Shanice Reid, Steve Russell, & Jason Dewinetz.


Mary Bevan is a student in Okanagan College’s Writing and Publishing Program. She lives in Kelowna, BC.